Property trends in Jaipur

Published: 22nd June 2010
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Better known as the 'Pink City of India', Jaipur boasts of a rich culture and heritage. Ranking high on tourism influx and activities, Jaipur records immense prospering factors. The real estate market of Jaipur thrives on various factors, substantial of which being its reasonably priced residential and commercial spaces.

Over the recent years, Jaipur has made a shift from its cultural focus to a more evolving segment of modern technology centres of subsequence. The enormous investing potential of the city has attracted prominent Indian realty developers who are willing to invest in the fairly priced land and easy investment money values.

The city is immensely on its way to making a mark in the field of property and real estate. With the changing global scenario, Jaipur is fast emerging as a competent destination for business expansions and investment activities. Jaipur real estate offers a lucrative market for investments and developments by leading construction companies. Property developers and buyers contend for obtaining sufficient share for productive advancement in the real estate sector. The property market is thus reaching astonishing heights which will further accelerate the city's realty trends.

Jaipur real estate stands a safe bet for prospective investors and buyers. According to reports from expert estate agents and realty investors, Real Estate Consultants Jaipur will be scaling new heights in coming years.

Jaipur property can increasingly be recorded on an upswing with potential residential and commercial land demands. With the upcoming IT and multinational firms setting base in the city, the commercial sector is expected to loop in immense growth rate over the coming years. Also, a wave of working professionals has triggered increasing requirements for residential spaces across the city. The real estate market is therefore undergoing substantial escalation.

To augment the property market trend in the city, the government has clipped the property values and prices, and has proposed premium rental rates to increase realty traffic which will lead to acceleration in the property graphs of the city.

The commercial sector is elevated with the advancing IT influx entering the city in growing numbers. With a consistent struggle to achieve its mark amidst the ever-developing cities in India, Jaipur is on its way to make a niche towards economic growth, thereby accelerating real estate scenario in the city.

The residential properties are relationally affected by the maturing commercial segment that has generated increasing demands for residential spaces throughout the city. The present requirements are expected to further increase with a multitude of multinational and IT companies arriving in Jaipur.

Jaipur property market floats on quality living for reasonable prices. The real estate of the city offers various options for builders and buyers amongst the present realty projects developed by private property investors. Residential complexes such as Infotech City comprises of a self-contained township with a recreational centre, shopping arenas, a five star hotel, health club, etc. similarly, Panchsheel Colonisers, Suncity Builders, Melange and Era Group are also offering synthesized township integrated with international standard of living comprising of flats, apartments in Jaipur , residential complexes, hospitals, hotels, clubs, etc.

The population the city, according to recent data and surveys by Jaipur Development Authority (JDA), the population of the city will witness an upswing owing to the job availabilities being generated consistently with the expanding commercial sector. This will therefore muster an upward trend ascribing to the residential segment of Jaipur's realty market.

Jaipur's real estate is consistently on an upsurge, with a capital growth of 5% to 7% over the last one year. According to studies by the world's chief real estate consultancy Jones Lang LaSelle (JLLS), Jaipur will emerge as a major city over the next five years.

With favorable and competent projects coming up across the city, Jaipur is fast emerging as one of the leading towns of India in terms of the property market. Improving infrastructure, sound connectivity and ripe commercial spaces are catering to the real estate of Jaipur to a massive extent.

Following this trend, Jaipur will soon become one of the most lucrative real estate destinations in the country.

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