Property Market Flourishing in Hill stations

Published: 09th August 2011
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To spend a lavish and luxurious holidays with friends and families at a place far away from home town, is a dream which every individual sees. Holidays are very important for the inner grooming of the human beings and which gives him the time to understand his friends and family. Timely breaks and vacations have become a trend in the global market. In fact, the Indian government also provides enough holidays to its employees, to allow them to spend healthy time with their family. Of all the vacation spots, hill stations have always been the most preferred location among Indians. Due to the hot climate in major metropolitan cities of India, large number of people prefers enjoying their holidays in the Hill stations. The popularity of the hill stations in India, has not only added to the earnings of the tourism sector in these areas, but has also glorified its real estate industry. The increase in the number of tourists, has called for the demand of better facilities at these places, adding to the opportunities for the growth of real estate sector in the Hill stations of India.

Development in the property market at the hill stations can mainly be credited to the tourism sector of India. This can be vice- versa also, as the real estate or the hospitality sector grows in the hill stations of India, the tourist attraction for these areas also grow. India property especially the properties at the hill stations have been groomed by the dealers and they are adopting every possible measure to attract large number of property bidders. Eating joints, hotels, motels, shopping destinations, all are getting built up at few of the top visited hill stations in India. The roadways leading to these hill stations have also been reconstructed and have been shaped according to the convenience of the tourists.

Other than the commercial properties, a trend of buying residential properties at hill stations has also started. Significant number of people can be seen buying properties at prominent hill stations of India. This not only reduces the expenses for the holiday, one wish to spend at these places, but also adds to the comfort level of the family and the fun time they spend, away from home. The trend of buying property at hill stations in India, is gaining attention and people are finding it quite an economical way to reduce the stay expenses there. Also, investing in property and real estate is any time an intelligent decision and with the globalization, large numbers of foreign tourists are getting attracted to Indian tourist destinations. In fact, foreigners also like to invest in the Indian property market, which adds to the competition and bidders. Few of the top visited hill stations, where one can invest in its real estate market, are:


Manali , Himachal Pradesh

Gangtok, Sikkim

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Gulmarg, Kasmir

Munnar, south india



Coorg, Karnataka

Mahabaleswar, west India

All these hill stations are few of the most beautiful places in India and are highly popular among the tourists. Buying a property in places like these would surely be a dream, of every common man. The prices of the commercial or the residential property at these places depend on the area and the market value of the place. Also, in the near future, the prices of the properties at the hill station are going to rise, which will obviously add to the profit of the owner. Therefore, investing in the residential or commercial property in the places located at the hill stations of India is for sure a wise decision.

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