Hyderabad Properties-Showing positive signs

Published: 28th September 2011
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Hyderabad is a beautiful capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Known for its pearls, world famous monument "Charminar" and now for many IT, ITES, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, Hyderabad is fast emerging as a prominent city of India.
Buying and selling real estate is a very complex activity anywhere in India. Similar is the case in Hyderabad as well. One may think that just by checking brochures or online sites, one can quickly find the right flat or apartment at the right price. One can never be sure about a flat or apartment in Hyderabad by simply looking at these brochures. One needs to see the site where the flats or apartments are being constructed. Any property whether itís a flat, an apartment or a house is different and has unique features in them. If one looks at them closely, one will find that even two flats located in different buildings but on the same street are similar.

It is generally advisable for the prospective buyers to check the past track record of the builders, options related to financing, built up area, quality of construction, etc before making a final decision regarding any purchase of property in Hyderabad. Proper advice and guidance should be taken from professionals who know the business since carrying out negotiations among builders, financiers is a tough call. During the process of buying, an agent or a property broker can give a clear idea on buying flats in Hyderabad. These agents may be most valuable resource in the entire process of buying. These people understand the marketplace and hence are in a position to make the process of buying a home rewarding for each buyer or investor. They guide the buyers in every step of the process and are familiar with current real estate situation, prices, locations, taxes, amenities and facilities, local zoning laws, etc. In fact they are in the best position to give you the correct direction in terms of property buying.
Buying a flat is perhaps one of the major decisions one makes in his lifetime. One needs to research a lot of areas which are the most suitable for them. In Hyderabad, one can look for suitable flats or apartments in areas like Manikonda, Mehdipatnam, Yapral, A S Rao Nagar, etc. The flats available in these areas are 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and even 4 bedrooms flats. Some societies are very good and offer a large variety of facilities like swimming pools, grocery stores, dairy, green grocery shops, tailoring shops, etc. Since it is a very big step and a major investment, one needs to make sure that one purchases the best one. The quality of construction is another major consideration as after some time the flats start showing problems like seepage, termite, etc. One must ensure that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure best possible quality of construction. Some other issues like parking, maintenance, electricity, power backup, etc must also discussed beforehand.
In Hyderabad, there has always been a reasonable demand for cost effective and affordable flats. Many people prefer settling in Hyderabad as it is fast emerging as a developed city thereby creating good opportunities for education and job. Amidst the growing demand in the real estate sector, Hyderabad became Greater Hyderabad since April 2007. It grew from 175 sq. km to 650 sq. km and got divided into 5 Zones. So the prices of flats and apartments that were quite exorbitant earlier has mellowed down a little giving respite to the middle class people waiting in the queue to buy a flat in Hyderabad.
As per the Current situation also, the prices of double bedroom at Sainikpuri and Yapral are about 19 lakhs whereas in Balanagar, the flats are around 26 lakhs. The most expensive area is considered to be Begumpet in Hyderabad where the prices generally cater to the elite class. Nonetheless, this is the probably the best time to buy a flat in Hyderabad.
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